We know that your property is more than just a space – it’ s your home.

We are temporary visitors.

We only work with mannered tradesmen who understand and respect this relationship.

We take a low impact approach to all our commissions.

It is designed to work around you and your household; disruption is minimized, work is physically contained and like all good visitors we do not leave a mess after the job is done.


We value our clientele’s privacy and respect their boundaries.

We only work with craftsmen that are discreet, professional, trustworthy and mannered.

Many of us have been security cleared to work in some of the most sensitive addresses in the UK.

Our team successfully completed projects for many international clients.

Our word is our bond

We like a straightforward conversation and a transparent agreement.

We commit to the commissions we undertake.

When we say a job will be completed to your specification to an agreed timeframe, we always deliver. We keep our customers informed of any other factors that may delay the project.

Our pricing principles   

We offer you complete transparency, offering you from the beginning with rates and costs of the work. There are no additional hidden costs after we have quoted you.

Because we have extensive experience in the field after completing hundreds of projects, small and big, we can foresee any extras; we have a good understanding on every aspect of the works and any extra works that may occur and inform you with transparency about everything.

We do extensive research and study the technical details during installation and, also how the materials we are using behaves for 10-15 years, in order to achieve the best service that exceeds the guaranteed labelled period.

Working with the customers In-House

For many projects we are working, we don’t have customers living in.

Some projects require extensive works and long period of times. We understand that you may want to live in the property during the works. Well, you are in the right place. Most of the properties where we are working have multiple rooms& receptions, like a Manor or a mansion house and we are organising the works in stages in the areas agreed and organised with you, so we don’t disrupt your daily routine. Also, we have team of cleaners and we can offer the space for you ready to use.